Head HR

Design and Development of recruiting, Performance Management, Succession, Development and Training Processes
Husys Consulting Limited
30.0 to 40.0 Lakhs
06/27/2017 16:39:21

Job Description

Build a forward looking HR strategy and develop the division as a whole
Understand the current organization culture and planned evolution and work with the senior management to facilitate growth and change
Devise strategies to attract and retain talent at all levels
Assess current remuneration and benefits and suggest strategic changes to senior management
Assess, build and implement a structured learning and development program at all levels in the organization
Assess current policies and make strategic changes in conjunction with the senior management, keeping in mind best practices, internal and external influences
Develop policies which promote equality & diversity across the Company
Maintain consistency and fairness in implementation of HR policies across various divisions and locations of the company
Provide guidance and clarity on the interpretation and application of HR policies and procedures
Develop a coordinated and consistent approach to the way in which the Company engages with all staff directly and indirectly
Benchmark, modernize and standardize on boarding terms and conditions and employee relieving processes
Develop appropriate employment conditions and support to Company staff deployed on international assignments
Provide direction to inter departmental relationships to foster effective working relationships and enable appropriate change
Monitor employment legislation developments, assess the impact on the Company and develop policies to maintain legal compliance
 Provide direction on staff engagement so that the Company regularly measures and responds to staff feedback to improve the Company as a place to work


14+ years and minimum of 7 to 8 years in IT, handled 1000+ employees is Preferred.
Significant background in the Design and Development of recruiting, Performance Management, Succession, Development and Training Processes; good task and Relationship skills to effectively drive and direct the efforts of others.
Excellent Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills.
Experienced “Change Leader” who can drive, Facilitate and manage orderly Implementation and Timely Acceptance of work  place innovations and Improvements.


Looking for Head-HR with Minimum 14 years of Experience in IT Industry. This position will be the Head of Business HR, and will be responsible for working with Business Leaders, Unit Heads and other teams within and outside HR to drive deliveries for all major HR processes and initiatives for one of our IT Client, based out at Madhapur,Hyderabad.