Your Company Husys Version 8.0

Information about the Your Company instance of Husys, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Social Network
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
Technical name: mail, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:55, author: OpenERP SA
Instant Messaging
OpenERP Chat
Technical name: im_chat, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:53, author: OpenERP SA
Employee Directory
Jobs, Departments, Employees Details
Technical name: hr, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:06, author: OpenERP SA
Recruitment Process
Jobs, Recruitment, Applications, Job Interviews, Surveys
Technical name: hr_recruitment, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:41, author: OpenERP SA
Leave Management
Holidays, Allocation and Leave Requests
Technical name: hr_holidays, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:35, author: OpenERP SA
Expense Tracker
Expenses Validation, Invoicing
Technical name: hr_expense, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:33, author: OpenERP SA
Personal & Shared Calendar
Technical name: calendar, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:03, author: OpenERP SA
Address Book
Contacts, People and Companies
Technical name: contacts, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:58, author: OpenERP SA
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Technical name: website, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:29, author: OpenERP SA

Installed Modules

Applicant Resumes and Letters
Search job applications by Index content.
Technical name: hr_applicant_document, updated: 06/23/2018 23:56:01 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: hr_payroll, updated: 06/23/2018 23:56:09 , author: OpenERP SA
Password Encryption
Technical name: auth_crypt, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:46 , author: ['OpenERP SA', 'FS3']
Technical name: auth_signup, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:02 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: base, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:37 , author: OpenERP SA
Automated Action Rules
Technical name: base_action_rule, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:56 , author: OpenERP SA
Base import
Technical name: base_import, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:48 , author: OpenERP SA
Initial Setup Tools
Technical name: base_setup, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:52 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: board, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:49 , author: OpenERP SA
IM Bus
Technical name: bus, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:49 , author: OpenERP SA
Decimal Precision Configuration
Technical name: decimal_precision, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:46 , author: OpenERP SA
Document Management System
Technical name: document, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:58 , author: OpenERP SA
Email Templates
Technical name: email_template, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:59 , author: OpenERP SA
Email Gateway
Technical name: fetchmail, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:00 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: hr_attendance, updated: 06/23/2018 23:56:02 , author: OpenERP SA
Employee Contracts
Technical name: hr_contract, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:32 , author: OpenERP SA
Knowledge Management System
Technical name: knowledge, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:54 , author: OpenERP SA
Indian Payroll
Technical name: l10n_in_hr_payroll, updated: 06/23/2018 23:56:30 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: portal, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:57 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: report, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:50 , author: OpenERP SA
Custom report filenames
Configure the filename to use when downloading a report
Technical name: report_custom_filename, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:29 , author: Therp BV,Odoo Community Association (OCA)
Technical name: resource, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:47 , author: OpenERP SA
Share any Document
Technical name: share, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:01 , author: OpenERP SA
Technical name: web, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:48
Web Calendar
Technical name: web_calendar, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:50 , author: OpenERP SA, Valentino Lab (Kalysto)
Dashboard Tile
Add Tiles to Dashboard
Technical name: web_dashboard_tile, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:02 , author: initOS GmbH & Co. KG,GRAP,Odoo Community Association (OCA)
OpenERP Web Diagram
Technical name: web_diagram, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:50
Web Gantt
Technical name: web_gantt, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:51
Graph Views
Technical name: web_graph, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:51
Base Kanban
Technical name: web_kanban, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:51
Gauge Widget for Kanban
Technical name: web_kanban_gauge, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:53
Sparkline Widget for Kanban
Technical name: web_kanban_sparkline, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:53
Job Descriptions And Application Forms
Technical name: website_hr_recruitment, updated: 06/23/2018 23:56:07 , author: OpenERP SA
Website Mail
Website Module for Mail
Technical name: website_mail, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:58 , author: OpenERP SA
Website Partner
Partner Module for Website
Technical name: website_partner, updated: 06/23/2018 23:55:59 , author: OpenERP SA
Website Report
Website Editor on reports
Technical name: website_report, updated: 06/23/2018 23:56:00 , author: OpenERP SA
Table Views
Technical name: web_table, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:51
Technical name: web_tests, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:54
View Editor
Technical name: web_view_editor, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:52
Web Widget Color
Technical name: web_widget_color, updated: 06/23/2018 23:54:52 , author: Savoir-faire Linux, Anybox, Taktik SA, Odoo Community Association (OCA)